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Financial Services

FP Sign is committed to providing a digital signature solution that eases the process for submitting signature sensitive documents like damage reports, tax forms, account opening documents or powers of attorney. Securely send them directly to the financial institution or the customer for a quick and easy countersignature. 

Go Green - Go Paperless

Financial institutions handle a lot of paperwork for opening an account, load agreements, insurance contracts, legally required consultation protocols and much more. FP Sign eliminates the use of paper, allowing consultants to design their offers to be more customer-oriented and transparent. With FP Sign, financial institutions can spend more time on what matters - their customers - and not the printout, compilation and stapling of contracts.

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Secure Automation

Increase workplace efficiency by automating the way you send your documents. Easily create and send e-signature documents  through FP Sign and access quick signature turnaround. FP Sign securely stores all documents both in progress and at completion so you can revisit your progress, export your documents or remove them from the platform.

FP Sign is perfect for:

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  • Created with Sketch. Insurance Companies
  • Created with Sketch. Banking and Credit Services
  • Created with Sketch. Tax Consultants
  • Created with Sketch. Investment Companies
  • Created with Sketch. Gain visibility into signature status

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